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Pruning - Grasse

Entrust the pruning of your trees to ANDREAS KUGELE PAYSAGES.

We operate across Nice, Cannes, Antibes and the surrounding areas.

Pruning services

Specialising in green space maintenance for over 15 years, we guarantee high-quality pruning services. We can handle any perilous pruning, dangerous tree felling, cutting of dead trees, branches, trunks and bushes and thinning of over-sized trees. We have efficient tools and equipment, to crush, remove or burn the waste if the period allows it.

Our highly-skilled team can handle any project


Pruning in Nice

Outstanding services

In addition to regular pruning, we offer various other specialised services including trimming, shaping, curative pruning and thinning.

We offer our services to both private individuals and businesses! We leave no stone unturned to ensure neat and flawless results. Moreover, we see to it that all work respect the environment and that everything runs smoothly.

We guarantee a harmonious and aesthetic green space


Pruning in Nice

What sets us apart:

Over 15 years of experience
High-level of expertise
Expert advice

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