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Earthworks - Grasse

ANDREAS KUGELE PAYSAGES provides reliable earthworks for the success of your garden creation project.

We operate across Nice, Cannes and Antibes.

Successful earthworks

We provide high-quality earthworks for your future garden. We carefully carry out each stage of the earthwork (clearing, excavation, backfilling...) to obtain a stable ground ready for landscaping. We also make necessary adjustments to help drain rainwater and avoid any stagnation. 



Earthworks - Nice

Professionals at your service

Our qualified landscapers can help you create the garden of your dreams. Equipped with high-performance machinery, we guarantee the reliability of our earthworks and the smooth running of the work site.

We create a garden that matches your personality, style and choice, including Japanese, English and French. We create a harmonious landscape that you will fully enjoy.

We remain at your disposal throughout the process


Earthworks - Nice

What sets us apart:

Our skill and passion
Our know-how and experience
We offer expert advice and recommendations

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4 Boulevard Louis Barthou

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